Make Money on YouTube Without Monetization June 15, 2022

Make Money on YouTube Without Monetization

YouTube marketing is a strategy that includes creating videos and publishing them on YouTube in order to promote a brand or product and increase awareness. It helps businesses in increasing traffic, expanding their consumer base, and reaching out to new audiences.

In the U.S, 55% of content creators start a youtube channel to promote their business, and numbers are also increasing in other countries. You might have seen people promoting their business on TikTok; they earn money with fame.

Now let's talk about how you can use marketing with content creation on youtube to generate more income. First of all, you need is Youtube Marketing Strategy.

How to create the Best YouTube Marketing Strategy

  1. Create a channel on YouTube
  2. Research your target audience
  3. Analyze the competition.
  4. Create videos based on the YouTube algorithm
  5. Start uploading content to your channel
  6. On your channel, provide all the necessary information 
  7. Promote your videos on social media
  8. Think about influencer marketing
  9. Measure your success

Now think about how many good channels exist if your niche is music? 

Maybe 30,000, How many will make it?

How many talented pro musicians exist on YouTube out of 7.5 billion people? Maybe 200,000.

So, As an example, If your channel is making 50$ on 25k views through youtube ads (if monetized), On youtube, people watch what they find interesting or informative. You will get your targeted audience once your channel takes off. 

Monetize your channel in just 7 days

Now, If we say you are selling a product with your youtube videos, like in the music niche, you are selling music lessons or courses, out of 25k views, you generated roughly 500 leads, and you sell ten courses (cost 20-50$).

The same goes with services, any other digital or physical product, and now you are in a long-term profitable business.

Keep in mind youtube is not that easy. You must be consistent, have better content, good thumbnails, an optimized channel, etc.

But in the end, it's worth doing :)

Three YouTube marketing tips

There are many ways to improve brand exposure and engagement and promote your channel to increase viewership. Let's find out how to do it.

Come up with eye-catching titles.

The main aim of creating an engaging heading is to attract new subscribers to your channel. Try brainstorming to develop a captivating title to encourage users to open and watch your YouTube video.

Research your viewers' needs and wants.

To get more views, ensure your content meets your audience's needs. You should know your viewers well to produce quality videos and provide solutions.

Get ready with your thumbnails.

Besides a killer title, you should also create an excellent thumbnail to grab more customer attention. To prevent YouTube from using a blurry screenshot as your thumbnail, you should come up with your own. To make the most out of it, including titles that communicate value, use a clear font, an original and relevant image, and be consistent.

Congrats, now you are acquainted with YouTube marketing and its benefits. Use our step-by-step guide and tips to create an excellent strategy for your company.