YouTube VS Job June 16, 2022

YouTube VS Job

Which is the best career option, YouTuber vs Job?

In today's time, many people are confused about what a job is and the true meaning of youtube, so today, we are going to tell that Job and YouTube are very different.

The perks of being a YouTuber

Getting on YouTube has never been easier. Nearly anyone can record and upload a YouTube video, so it's worth trying if you've been considering it. There are many advantages to being a professional YouTuber, and let's look at a few.

You're your own boss.

You can organize and work as you see fit when you run a YouTube channel. You have creative and executive authority over everything done on your channel.


Work done to earn money is called a job. Various jobs are available; some are technical, and others are nontechnical. In jobs, employees work for a company, which can be part-time, full time or on a contract basis. In a job, we have to work in a group.


Youtube is a video-sharing social media-based platform. On Youtube, we have to create engaging, knowledgeable, and attractive videos for the public, and Youtube is the best platform to show your talent and skills.

Pros and Cons, in Youtube and Job

1.) You need a degree to do a job, while there is no need for a degree to become a YouTuber.

2.) You get a salary after every month on the job but not sure on youtube.

3.) An employee must work according to the company in Jobs, but on YouTube, we can work according to our interests.

4.) In a job, you have to work in the company, but on youtube, you can work from anywhere.

5.) In jobs, you can earn fixed money, but on Youtube, you can earn unlimited money

6.) In jobs, your promotion depends on your work, but on Youtube, your growth depends on your content.

7.) There is no risk of earning money in jobs, but any rules can be changed on YouTube at any time, and sometimes your channel's earnings also stop, or the channel can be suspended for any reason. So earning on youtube is a bit risky.

What are the chances that I will be successful on youtube?

With five years of experience as a YouTuber developing multiple channels, I've found that only one thing can lead you to success on this platform: creating videos, your audience is looking for. And, of course, your video has to be unique.

Continuous audience and market research will help me understand what information your audience is interested in.

Combine that with studying my opponents and turning their weaknesses into my strengths.

I only do promotion when I am confident that the video I produce will attract the audience with its value.

I don't mean you can't use promotion methods (SEO, YouTube Ads, Seeding...) if your videos are not good enough because you are new. But, sure, you need time to get better.

In other words, that's not to say that SEO and the other things I mentioned are not important... they are. But many people seem to focus too much on those little "tricks" and "secrets" that they forget the most important thing: the content. As long as you do that, everything else will fall into place, the views, the subscribers, the revenue, branding, etc. It all works out if you produce videos that people want to see.

In short:

- Create videos the audience wants to watch.


- Promote the video to the potential audience. (SEO, YouTube Ads, Seeding, etc....)

That's all you need to focus on, and that's how YouTube works.

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