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Create multiple sources of income through YouTube Channels & Marketing.


Learn Google Ads & generate a 450% average return on Ad spend.


Digital is the Future. Increase brand loyalty and drive online sales.


Earn more than 50% profit by selling products on your digital store.

Black hat

Tips & Tricks, Viral Content Strategies, Premium Courses & many more...


Premium courses, Tools e.g. (canva), accounts, Working Strategies & Ideas.


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CANVA Premium for Lifetime

Visual content is key for brand success on social media. Turn imagination into a finished design in minutes. Create YouTube thumbnail, Facebook posts, Branded images & a lot more. Enrolled students get the Lifetime Premium version of Canva for FREE so they can bring their ideas to life in minutes.

Deep And Dark Web 2021

Only 100 out of 1,00,000 people know about Dark Web. This part of the internet is generally hidden from public view. It can't be accessed via the usual search engines and is reached in other, less widely-known ways. You will be the lucky one introduced to the Deep And Dark Web 2021.

For Education Purpose Only!


In a mastermind group, the agenda belongs to the group and each person’s participation and commitment are crucial. If you need expert advice? Want to be around ENTREPRENEURS? Want to launch a new product? Let's make it happen. However, we will also be sharing the latest tips & tricks, paid courses, leaked data & information, premium accounts & tools all for FREE.

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4 in 1 Course

You have the opportunity to learn 7 skills in this complete Online Mastery Program - Youtube Mastery, Digital Product Mastery, Digital Marketing & Business Automation. Grow a business online from scratch so you can work from home.

Dark Net

White & Black Hat Solutions through our weekly content, premium accounts, paid courses, tips & tricks all for FREE in the Mastermind forum that will skyrocket your knowledge and income for sure.

100% Guaranteed Income.

100% income guaranteed on our defined work & strategies.

Enjoy Passive Income

Create a 6-Figure Passive Income online. Be your Boss & learn to set your Online business on auto-pilot (earn 599$/monthly) with Online Mastery Program by Farhad University.

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Ehtisham Saleem
Ehtisham Saleem

Ehtisham Saleem is a professional Software Engineer and experienced in Facebook advertising and Digital Marketing. He has an unmatched dedication to helping businesses get the most out of their social media presence by creating unique strategies that focus on building brand awareness across all channels.

▶ MERN Stack Developer
▶ SMM, Content Management
▶ 100+ clients served
▶ Facebook Advertising Specialist
▶ 80 Million+ views on Facebook Videos

Skill Set: Online Advertising, Brand Management, Facebook marketing, Sales Funnel Expert, Web Development.

Farhad Shaikh
Farhad Shaikh

Hi, this is Farhad Shaikh, Google Ads sales specialist, content creator, business marketing trainer & relentless entrepreneur. I have 3+ years of experience in Youtube & Digital Marketing.

▶ Growing Online Businesses since 2016
▶ 450% – the average return on ad spend
▶ Youtube Automation expert 200$/week
▶ Spent $35k+ On Youtube Ads
▶ Cracked numerous Viral Strategies

Skill Set:
Youtube Automation, Digital Marketing, Google Ads, Youtube Expert, Business Development

Worked With:
Digital Direction, A-ONE Marketing, Digital Ali, LEADBIT, Charisma on Command & many more.

Sabir Khan
Sabir Khan

Your Profit is My Goal, The time you would spend on finding another online business is worth more than the cost of working with us for a month. We've already put your ROI (Return on Investment) first and are set to provide everything you need.

▶ Specialist in Google & Facebook Ads
▶ 100+ clients served
▶ Deep & Dark Web Adviser
▶ 100+ Premium Tools for FREE
▶ Helping People to Monetize their Skills

Skill Set:
Social Media, Analytics, Web 2.0, Leading Digital Tools & Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads.

Our Clients & Partners:


Extreme Results, At Extremely Affordable Pricing

  • YouTube Mastery (Advanced) = 20,500/-
  • Ultimate Google Ads = 7,999/-
  • DIGITAL MARKETING (Advanced) = 15,999/-
  • YouTube Automation Business = 11,599/-
  • Launch a Profitable Online Store = 7,997/-
  • BIN/Carding (Cracking) = 17,999/-
  • Success Worksheets = 999/-
  • Bonuses = 6,999/-
  • Premium Tools for FREE = Invaluable
  • Weekly Paid Courses (1000$+) = Invaluable
  • Unconditional Support = Invaluable
  • Member Of Mastermind Forum = Invaluable

Total Value: 90,091/-

Discounted Price: 22,500/-

For Limited Students: 7,200/- Only


Course Outlines
Course Outlines
Course Outlines

BY THE END OF THE 2-Week Course...


You'll have kickstarted your YouTube-Channel, with few published videos & Mastered Yourself with Youtube Automation Business.


You'll know the power of Youtube Automation & Digital Marketing & with the help of this course you will be creating your own 6-figure-online income.


You'll learn about the various monetisation options available to creators, and you’ll know how to use them to earn passive income for yourself, or high-quality leads for your business.


You'll get access to our mastermind forum, where you will be getting 1000$ paid courses, premium tools, money making tips & tricks for free.


You'll get my support, so you can level up your production value while being focused on your content.

You’ll know the value of building a team as soon as you can afford it, and you’ll have a roadmap for outsourcing your work and introducing yourself to the other side of the internet.


Discounted Price: 100$/-

Today Price: 40$/-

Detailed Videos | Mastermind Forum | Life-Time Access | Life-Time update | Learn at your Own Place.


The course has been specifically designed to take care of all your requirements. You will be guided from the basics of Youtube Mastrey & Digital Marketing to the most advanced techniques. This course is a result of my past 4 years of experience as a Youtuber & Digital Marketer. It is a guaranteed formula that can also work for you. All that I need from you is a dedicated effort and commitment for your growth and success. As the course is online so you can learn at your own convenience at your house.

After payment verification, you will be added to our private group. Your class details will be share there.

It takes us 2 weeks to learn Youtube Mastery & Digital Marketing.

Yes, You will be provided premium tools, paid tricks for FREE & access to the mastermind forum.

“Why are our courses so cheap” is a common question but very few people understand it. I thought to put some light on this. The Value of this course is over 60,000 rupees. But the problem is there is no platform out there that delivers this kind of huge value & premium tools for free in less amount for those who can’t buy big courses. So, I’ve decided to give you a massive discount, in exchange for your honest feedback & commitment.