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By dubbing your English videos in Hindi, you can tap into this vast Hindi-speaking audience in Pakistan and India with over 1.6 Billion People, and improve engagement with your content. Additionally, studies have shown that viewers are more likely to watch a video in its entirety when it's in their native language, leading to higher engagement and increased brand awareness.

1. Unlock the Power of Multilingual Video Content.

2. We translate everything according to your target audience.

3. We choose a great voice actor / actress to dub your content.

4. We upload the final result to your preferred platform.

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Subs Package

$5.99 / min

  • Professional Dubbing
  • Up To Full HD Video Resolution
  • Manual Transcription
  • Manual Translation
  • Voiceover Editing
  • Sync Audio and Video

Extended Version

$150 / Video

  • Duration 25 to 40 Min
  • SUBS PACKAGE Included


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